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Tom Richards Advanced Rolfer

Wing Chun is Self Defense

Adults of all Ages Welcome

Classes are designed for students to gain skills and self-confidence as there is a growing need for self-protection in various situations. Our goal is on providing a simple operating system that doesn’t rely on brute strength. We empower you with superior techniques effective against larger, more aggressive attackers, emphasizing skills that withstand the test of time.

What to Expect

Our classes are specifically created as a safe space for students to learn and train together. However, for those seeking additional training opportunities, private classes are available. Feel free to bring friends or coworkers, as we encourage a supportive community. Our self-defense classes are offered once per week. Join us in mastering effective techniques while enjoying a positive and empowering experience.

Our Approach

Our approach incorporates principles from Newtonian physics, geometry, and range, increasing your chances of swiftly ending violence. This is our priority. Notably, our system is tailored to be efficient for individuals of all sizes and strengths, ensuring that skills have utility no matter the person. The classes are not only instructive but also enjoyable, fostering a fun and safe learning environment.

Our Instructor

Tom Richards is a 4th level Technician in Wing Xun with over 14 yrs of experience teaching. Most of my training has been under Sifu Klaus Brand and also Sifu Paul Wang. I have trained under others as well as training with various Filipino Martial Arts schools.  Wing Xun has given me so much and I am passionate about teaching this incredible martial art to those who are eager to learn.


Wing Chun

Through standard partner exercises you will learn to see, feel, and respond to every variation of attack. Students also train forms as well as application. Wing Xun employs techniques that are effective, efficient, and fast!



Escrima is a weapons focused martial art. It is concept rather than technique based. Students begin with single stick but by integrating concepts, techniques become innumerate and transitioning to any weapon is seamless.


Self Defense

Students will have the opportunity to train with others and learn the fundamentals of self defense skill in movement. A small time will be dedicated to awareness and mindset. These skills are practical defense techniques.

Wing Chun Sacramento

Martial Arts Studio

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Classes: Every Tuesday & Thursday from 7:30 - 9pm

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