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Tom Richards Advanced Rolfer

Sacramento, Wing Chun is Here.

Self Defense as an Art and Science

Our priority is to help you become better versions of yourself. We are here to learn your martial arts goals, and help you achieve them in a fun, exciting, and welcoming environment. Over time, we help our students build confidence based on the skills they learn. We look forward to seeing you soon!

What is Wing Chun?

Wing Xun is a martial art developed 200 years ago in China and was refined much later in Germany. There are four empty-handed forms and two weapon forms which contain all the movements needed and have direct martial application. Everything learned builds upon and compliments newer material. There is total continuity between forms, programs, and application.

Pratical Defense Concepts

By learning practical defense concepts we learn to overcome superior strength and even the speed of an opponent. Instead of blocking, we learn to attack the attack, attack the attacker, or sometimes both. Wing Xun excels at close range defense but all ranges of combat are contained in its system which act as building blocks for further advancement. Contact us anytime.

Our Instructor

Tom Richards is a 4th level Technician in Wing Xun with over 14 yrs of experience teaching. Most of my training has been under Sifu Klaus Brand and also Sifu Paul Wang. I have trained under others as well as training with various Filipino Martial Arts schools.  Wing Xun has given me so much and I am passionate about teaching this incredible martial art to those who are eager to learn.


Wing Chun

Through standard partner exercises you will learn to see, feel, and respond to every variation of attack. Students also train forms as well as application. Wing Xun employs techniques that are effective, efficient, and fast!



Escrima is a weapons focused martial art. It is concept rather than technique based. Students begin with single stick but by integrating concepts, techniques become innumerate and transitioning to any weapon is seamless.


Self Defense

Students will have the opportunity to train with others and learn the fundamentals of self defense skill in movement. A small time will be dedicated to awareness and mindset. These skills are practical defense techniques.

Wing Chun Sacramento

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